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Laguna Rainbow Corporation is in the business of changing and shaping lives. The work we do at our Nonprofit Organization is aimed at providing a holistic approach to solving some of our society’s biggest challenges. We make sure our partners are empowered by creating opportunities for individuals and communities.

Executive Director

The Executive Director oversees Laguna Rainbow Corporation’s (LRC) elder care delivery system, which includes the Elderly Care Center (Nursing Home) and the K’awaika Senior Center. The Executive Director is responsible for advancing LRC’s mission and strategic direction while also ensuring a strong organizational infrastructure, quality service delivery system, operational efficiencies, regulatory compliance, fiscal responsibility, organizational development.  The Executive Director is expected to anticipate/forecast LRC’s Native elder population needs and create a positive work environment to attract and retain a stable, progressive, caring, and diverse healthcare workforce needed to ensure the delivery of high-quality services.



Nursing Home Administrator

In charge of a residential healthcare daily operations, the Nursing Home Administrator ensures that the residents receive the highest quality care possible, and that LRC meets its overall mission through cross-departmental supervision and accountability. The Nursing Home Administrator must be knowledgeable of all current local, state, and federal regulations that drive the quality of care provided by staff, while also assuring that hired staff are qualified to appropriately serve Native elders. They must also ensure that the building is properly maintained.



Director of Nursing (DON)

The primary purpose of the DON is to plan, develop, and direct nursing services at the Elderly Care Center (Nursing Home) in accordance with federal, state, local standards, guidelines, and regulations. A Director of Nursing ensures that the nursing facility meets the needs of its residents and their families, working closely with the Nursing Home Administrator to coordinate care. They make certain that there is adequate nursing staff for the facility and that the staff is well trained to meet required safety and health standards. They oversee department budgeting, nursing workforce development, nursing services goals/metrics, and inter-departmental coordination in support of seamless nursing services support to its residents.



Social Services Director/Admissions

The Social Services Director is charged with directing and developing the social service program in accordance with current federal, state, and local standards. This includes keeping abreast of current guidelines, regulations, and established policies/procedures that assure that the medically related emotional and social needs of each resident are met and maintained. The Social Services Director informs social services policies and goals, including budget goals and monitoring. They are responsible for patient assessments and individual care planning. In addition, the Social Services Director is responsible for obtaining required information to admit potential residents in accordance with established local, federal, and state policies and procedures.



Dietary Manager

The Dietary Manager organizes, develops, and directs facility dietary services in in accordance with current federal, state, and local standards, guidelines, and regulations to meet the dietary needs of each resident on a-daily-basis.  The Dietary Manager oversees meal planning, budgeting, purchasing, and dietary department hiring. The Dietary Manager ensure that the Food Service Department is maintained in a clean, safe, and sanitary manner.



Business Office Manager

The Business Office Manager (BOM) is responsible for overseeing internal financial operations such as payroll, benefits administration, accounts payable, and accounts receivable in coordination with Laguna Rainbow Corporation’s financial services contract support and Nursing Home Administrator. Duties include the handling and monitoring of reimbursement payments and refunds for accounts receivable. The BOM must assure that acceptable accounting and reimbursement principles relating to nursing facility operations are in place and are part of the organization’s standard operating procedures. Other duties include reconciling cash accounts each month, staying current on policies regarding benefits administration and resident trust accounting, and staying abreast of current acceptable accounting and reimbursement principles relating to nursing facility operations.



Maintenance Manager

The Maintenance Manager is responsible for day-to-day plant/facility safety and upkeep in accordance with current federal, state, and local standards, guidelines, and regulations. The Maintenance Manager supervises maintenance staff, keeps accurate maintenance records, and informs internal standard operating procedures.  The Maintenance Manger also oversees facility maintenance inventory, purchasing, and budgeting in coordination with the Nursing Home Administrator. The Maintenance Manager regularly inspects and evaluates physical condition of facility/plant, reporting recommendations for repair, renovation, and reallocation of resources to improve physical environment and ensure safety.



Human Resources Manager

The HR Manager plans, organizes, develops, and manages the overall operations of the HR Department in accordance with current federal, state, and local standards, guidelines and regulations, LRC’s established policies and procedures. The HR Manager carries out duties to ensure proper administration of HR functions to include performance management, workforce development, hiring procedures, personnel policy administration/update/education, employee satisfaction surveys, exit interviews, EEO, safety, worker’s compensation, payroll and benefits, and ensuring labor law compliance. The HR manager also informs and implements LRC’s recruitment / retention strategy.



Medical Records Manager

The Medical Records Manager is responsible for gathering, processing, and maintaining resident medical records and reporting information for health standards. The Medical Records Clerk ensures that medical records are maintained in a manner compliant with ethical, legal, and regulatory requirements. The Medical Records Manager also assesses patient records to ensure they are complete and accurate.



Minimum Data Set Coordinator

An MDS (Minimum Data Set) collects and assesses information for the health and well-being of Laguna Rainbow Corporation residents. Following federally mandated procedures and using the MDS process, the nurse monitors residents' health and well-being from the time of admission through the end of their stay. MDS evaluations inform care plans set forth to treat and monitor a patient/resident’s well-being and course of care and treatment while at the nursing home. MDS coordinator also provides educational leadership to Certified Medication Aides (CMA) while assisting them with educational resources, problem resolutions, and health management goals.



Housekeeping Manager

The Housekeeping Manager monitors and confirms that the facility is maintained in a clean safe manner for resident comfort and convenience by assuring that all necessary equipment and supplies are maintained and operable to perform necessary duties and services. Responsible for utilizing and purchasing of proper cleaning supplies to maintain safe and clean environment for both residents and staff. Informs housekeeping standard operating procedures while orienting housekeeping to those standards. Oversees department work plans and staffing schedules to assure coverage.



Transportation Coordinator

The Transportation Coordinator plans, organizes, develops, and coordinates LRC’s transportation services across two LRC facilities in accordance with current federal, state, and local standards, guidelines, and regulations to assure that LRC’s fleet is maintained and that transportation services are delivered in a safe and comfortable manner. The Transportation Coordinator is responsible for implementing a preventative maintenance program.



Staffing/Central Supply

The Staffing Coordinator is charged with ensuring adequate and appropriate staffing of the facility nursing department in coordination with the Director of Nursing to meet the needs of all residents. The Staffing Coordinator also ensures that all purchase orders are properly processed as required by Laguna Rainbow Corporation’s procurement policies and procedures.



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