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Update 11/3/20

Rainbow now has its first cases of Covid-19, currently we have 8 positive residents and 2 positive employees, all precautions are being taken and the facility remains closed to the public.






Update 11/2/20


Test results from last weeks testing of 100% staff and residents came back as negative for all. No new cases at Rainbow.






Update 10/29/2020


To All Laguna Rainbow Family Members,


This letter is to inform you of a recent COVID-19 development at Laguna Rainbow’s nursing home.  We do have a staff member who tested positive that is currently out of the building. We took swift action to address the newest case.  Here are the steps being taken in the facility to address needed safety and infection control:

• A deep clean was done to help prevent any spread.

• All staff are in full PPE.

• Residents are quarantined to their rooms.

• All staff must wear facility supplied scrubs and conduct shoe cleaning upon entry to building.

• If staff leave the facility, they are required to change scrubs and put on new scrubs when they come back in.

• We encourage staff to use the showers when they leave the building to prevent any spread of COVID-19 to the community.


We will continue to allow items for residents that their family member may need, although only store-bought items will be accepted.  Items need to be in a package that are not open, which staff will wipe them down prior to bringing them to the resident. Clothing will be washed before going to a resident’s room.  Room visits are still allowed through a closed window.  We can only have 2 visitors at the window, but they must practice social distancing.  We encourage window visits, as this is a great way to show your family member that you are thinking of them.  This will help them not feel too isolated right now.  We also have tablets so that you can Face Time with your loved ones.


We want to make you aware that we have a web page with COVID-19 information on it that you can refer to for updates.  Our web address is  If you have any further questions, please call 505-552-6034, to schedule a visit, please call Teya at 505-552-6034 Ext. 121.  Thank you for your cooperation and support as we address the safety of our residents.






Update 10/22/20


At this time, Laguna Rainbow is maintaining restrictions on non-essential visitors as well as protocols related to pre-entrance screening, symptom monitoring, resident outings and community activities. Similarly, we will continue to diligently enforce sanitation and infection prevention protocols, including hand washing, social distancing and the use of personal protective equipment. We are aggressively evaluating policies and restrictions and will adjust them when appropriate with our first consideration being for the well-being, health and safety of our residents and team members.

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© Copyright 2021 Laguna Rainbow Corporation

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